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over 2 years ago

Info Sessions for FHIR @Hack

Dear All :

Happy Monday!

Our hackathon is almost here - to get you all ready and prepared for the @hack, we are organizing info sessions to introduce you to both FHIR-FLI and the @platform besides answer any Qs you might have leading up to the weekend.

You can pick one from the 3 following options based on your timezone.

July 2nd ( 1 PM PT)  - Click to add to calendar

July 6th ( 7 AM PT)  - Click to add to calendar

July 6th (3 PM PT)  - Click to add to calendar

If none of these work, please write to us and we can share a recording.

Also, please join our Discord community, if you have not already :


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.