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over 2 years ago

FHIR @Hack July 2021 - Winners Announcement

Dear FHIR @Hackers


Thank you for an amazing weekend. 


It was so much fun and full of  learning for all of us at MayJuun & The @ Company. We hope all of you enjoyed it as well.


We had 234 registrations from more than 50 countries and 27 teams doing the final pitches.


Special thanks to the mentors and the judges for sparing their time during the weekend. It was a close race in all categories and all of you should consider yourselves winners.


Without further ado, here are the winners of the FHIR @Hack 2021 July 2021 edition :


Grand Prize : Team B4Clinic


Runner-Ups : Team BlackBulls

Team Jack + Ben

Team Micah


Gamechanger : Best Out of the Box Hack :  Team EMSights


Best use of FHIR and @platform :   Team SeCURE (pfizer fam)


Best Privacy-focused solution :  CareMutual & Codeblooded


@sign gift voucher winning teams :



Aesthetic Ciphers


Design Outliers



Team Soul



Best @wavi page winners : Kajal Khanna (@classicaesthetic), Jui Thombre (@delightfulkangaroo) & Ally Cheung (@sophisticatedlyrebird



Best FHIR Pun : Jatin Dehmiwal


Minecraft Build Battle winner : Gefei Zhang


Congratulations to all the winning teams! We will get in touch with you soon regarding the prizes and the mentorship to follow.


Many thanks,

FHIR @ Hack Organizing team




If you have any questions about the hackathon, please write to